Puppet localconfig parser – 20100303


I’ve had some good feedback on my previous post about the puppet localconfig parser, have implemented the requested features so here’s a new version. First the ability to limit what resources are being printed: # parselocalconfig.rb –limit package Classes included on this node: fqdn common::linux   Resources managed by puppet on this node: package{redhat-lsb: } Read More

Few Rubyisms


While looking at some bits of other peoples Ruby code I came across a few shortcuts and interesting structures worth mentioning. Exception handling shortcut First up a shortcut to catch exceptions thrown by a method: def say_foo puts "foo" if doit rescue Exception puts "#fail" end So since we didn’t define doit this will raise Read More

MCollective 0.4.3 Auditing


I just released version 0.4.3 of mcollective which brings a new auditing capability to SimpleRPC. Using the auditing system you can log to a file on each host every request or build a centralized auditing system for all requests on all nodes. We ship a simple plugin that logs to the local harddrive but there Read More

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