MCollective Release 0.2.0


I am pleased to announce the the first actual numbered release of The Marionette Collective, you can grab it from the downloads page. Till now people wanting to test this had to pull out of SVN directly, I put off doing a release till I had most of the major tick boxes in my mind Read More

ActiveMQ Clustering


As part of deploying MCollective + ActiveMQ instead of my old Spread based system I need to figure out a multi location setup, the documentation says I’d possible so I thought I better get down and figure it out. In my case I will have per-country ActiveMQ’s, I’ve had the same with Spread in the Read More

Reusing Puppet Providers


Last night I was thinking about writing scripts to manage services, packages etc in a heterogeneous environment. This is hard because the operating systems all behave differently. This is of course a problem that Puppet solves with it’s providers system, after some chatting with Luke on IRC I now have a pretty nice solution. Assuming Read More

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