Ruby password creation library released


Continuing to move a few bits of unimportant code into the public I’ve released a ruby library called passmakr that assists in creating passwords in various useful formats. Mostly it takes some key bits of code from another password library and re-uses it in a new way that has fewer dependencies etc. It supports creating Read More

Puppet Environments


Puppet supports putting nodes in environments, this maps cleanly to your development, qa and production life cycles and it’s a way to hand out different code to different nodes. Before reading this post you should probably read the Puppet Wiki page first for background. I’ll present here a simple layout that is both a powerful Read More

Ruby PDNS External Data


I develop ruby-pdns, so far things have been very static – you give it code and it serves your code, simple stuff. But this is not what I want, I want a full API enabled DNS server where I can both code the logic for records as well as send environmental data into the DNS Read More

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