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Starting a newsletter


I share a ton of links, I have a thing that harvests my twitter account and over a few years it has collected over 4 500 links. Twitter is great for that but also it’s hard to add a bit of annotation or comment to those shared links in the constrained space. Of course I Read More

DevOps talk at London QCon 2010


I was invited to London QCon this year to give a talk, I chose to talk about how I’ve helped to build a startup heavily favoring the scenario where developers do support, rollouts and maintenance of their code directly in production. My talk go into the approaches I took while thinking about networks, boxes, operating Read More

London DevOps


Since DevOps Days last year a number of us have been meeting monthly, it was all a bit under the radar and not announced to the wider public. The thinking was that we wanted to be sure we will do the meetings roughly monthly rather than start something with a lot of noise and then Read More

Do your backups!


I have a QNAP TS-209 Nas device. It’s a Linux based appliance with 2 hot swap drives. It has now died by the looks of it, QNAP support has been utterly useless to say the least but I have pretty much resolved to just replacing this unit even if they are able to resurrect it. Read More

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