DKIM with CentOS 5 and Exim


DomainKeys Identified Mail – DKIM – is a recent attempt to add some sender verification to email. Read more here, here and in the RFC 4871 to get some background info. If you’re sending any newsletters you really want to be investigating this, if you’re doing anti spam it’s good to start looking at tracking Read More

Ruby password creation library released


Continuing to move a few bits of unimportant code into the public I’ve released a ruby library called passmakr that assists in creating passwords in various useful formats. Mostly it takes some key bits of code from another password library and re-uses it in a new way that has fewer dependencies etc. It supports creating Read More

Apache Vulnerability


This morning came news of a remote exploitable vulnerability in Apache mod_rewrite, the exploit is pretty difficult and requires weird setups on your side, but you should be upgrading all your kit. More info at Secunia A vulnerability has been reported in Apache HTTP Server, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people to compromise Read More

(IN)SECURE Magazine


TaoSecurity pointed me to a new release of the (IN)SECURE Magazine, previously I was unaware of this magazine but having read the latest issue I can really recommend it to anyone interested in security. The articles are well written and in depth, the magazine has some ads but they are well done and not intrusive Read More

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