The Resource Wrapper Pattern in Puppet 4


One tends to need to wrap resources quite often in Puppet and prior to Puppet 4 this was extremely annoying and resulted in a high maintenance burden, but in Puppet 4 this has significantly improved so I thought I’ll write a quick post about that. Why wrap resources? The example I’ll show here is going Read More

Puppet 4 data lookup strategies


I recently wrote about the new Data in Modules support in Puppet 4, there’s another new feature that goes hand in hand with this to finally rid us of functions like hiera_hash() and such. Up to now we’ve had to do something ugly like this to handle merged class parameters: class users($local = hiera_hash("users::local", {}) Read More

Native Puppet 4 Data in Modules


Back in August 2012 I requested an enhancement to the general data landscape of Puppet and a natural progression on the design of Hiera to enable it to be used in modules that are shared outside of your own environments. I called this Data in Modules. There was lots of community interest in this but Read More

Iterating in Puppet


Iteration in Puppet has been a long standing pain point, Puppet 4 address this by adding blocks, loops etc. Here I capture the various approaches to working with some complex data in Puppet before and after Puppet 4 To demonstrate this I’ll take some data from a previous blog post and see how to deal Read More

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