Puppet Concat 20100312


I am pleased to announce the next version of my Puppet Concat script, we now have 0.24.8 and newer support and a few smaller bits mentioned below.

For background of what this is about please see my earlier post: Building files from fragments with Puppet

New in this release

Paul Elliot sent in most of the patches that enabled this release, lots of thanks Paul!

  • 0.24.8 and newer is supported
  • You can now prepend warnings to generated files as a shell style comment using the warn property
  • You can enable the ability to create empty concat files using the force property
  • You can configure the location of your sort binary in setup.pp

The code should auto configure for 0.24.8 use, if it does not work please see setup.pp.

You can grab the code here.

Known issues

As with my earlier attempts at making a concat tool for 0.24.x this version when used on 0.24 will raise some false notifies. Basically the method we use to clear the concat store of unmanaged files has a side effect and on the next run you will get an unneeded notify. Puppets behavior has improved in 0.25 so it works as expected there, for 0.24 though there is no known work around.

You cannot change the owner of a file, I know how to work around this issue and will have something in the next release.