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I am pleased to announce the the first actual numbered release of The Marionette Collective, you can grab it from the downloads page.

Till now people wanting to test this had to pull out of SVN directly, I put off doing a release till I had most of the major tick boxes in my mind ticked and till I knew I wouldn’t be making any major changes to the various plugins and such. This release is 0.2.x since 0.1.x was the release number I used locally for my own testing.

This being the first release I fully anticipate some problems and weirdness, please send any concerns to the mailing list or ticketing system.

This has been a while coming, I’ve posted lots on this blog about mcollective, what it is and what it does. For those just joining you want to watch the video on this post for some background.

I am keen to get feedback from some testers, specifically keen to hear thoughts around these points:

  • How does the client tools behave on 100s of nodes, I suspect the output format might be useless if it just scrolls and scrolls, I have some ideas about this but need feedback.
  • On large amount of hosts, or when doing lots of requests soon after each other, do you notice any replies going missing.
  • Feed back about the general design principals, especially how you find the plugin system and what else you might want pluggable. I for example want to make it much easier to add new discovery methods.
  • Anything else you can think of

I’ll be putting in tickets on the issue system for future features / fixes I am adding so you can track there to get a feel for the milestones toward 0.3.x.

Thanks goes to the countless people who I spoke to in person, on IRC and on Twitter, thanks for all the retweets and general good wishes. Special thanks also to Chris Read who made the debian package code and fixed up the RC script to be LSB compliant.